Friday, April 1, 2016

Reflection 5: Professor Zaru's Talk and Field Trip to DC

I learned a great deal from Professor Carol Zaru’s talk and the field trip to the different embassies, mosque, and Palestine Center. It is hard to weigh in on such a complicated subject as the Israel-Palestine conflict, but from the different lectures that I have listened to and the articles I have read, it seems that there are several things that must be accomplished if this conflict is ever to be resolved.

Firstly, the United States and the rest of the world need to recognize that the Palestinians are being treated very poorly by the Israeli government and military and must intervene more. One can say that something is bad, but if nothing is done about that bad thing then nothing will ever be accomplished. The world needs to show Israel that they are serious about condemning their actions, rather than metaphorically shaking their heads and saying what a shame the whole situation is.

Secondly, the Israelis must stop treating the Palestinians so harshly. They should let the Palestinians govern themselves and cease their occupation, especially the actions that come along with their occupation. Professor Zaru spoke of the stringent curfews, power and water outages, and the overall treatment of the Palestinians by the occupying Israelis, and I found the situation horrifying. The illegal Israeli settlements are also causing more tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians, and those should be removed.

The land division between the Israelis and Palestinians should be proportional to the number of people that each belong too. It is not right that the Palestinians should be given such tiny allotments of the land, and it is even worse that there should be roads that they are not allowed to drive on in order to travel between these sections. This is blatantly apartheid, and the rest of the world should not stand by and watch as the concern for human rights that these countries claim to value are stomped upon through this conflict. If the rest of the world perhaps was able to step in and mediate more, but allow the Palestinians and Israelis to come to a mutual solution that benefited both parties, this troubled land might be able to finally start taking steps in the direction of peace.

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